Isdn/Adsl Links

Since its birth, Cat Sound has always utilized the ISDN phone line to connect two or more recording studios situated anywhere in the world.

This happens thanks to the coded, electronic devices that through the ISDN connection, decode an audio flux (streaming?) in numerical data, thus allowing to transmit and receive high quality sound.

Cat Sound owns the CDQ Prima 210 and APT Worldnet Tokio codec, which offer compatibility with most of the studios worldwide.

In the last years, with the development of Source Connect software and thanks to the Adsl/Optical fiber line, better results can be offered in respect to the ISDN line, without any hardware codec needed.

Cat Sound has been one of the first studios to experiment such software, subsequently acquiring the certified user license, in order to grant its client the best audio connection quality.

Thanks to these communication “protocols”, Cat Sound has become one of the major voice suppliers in the advertising field.