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Cat Sound began in 1983 as audio and post production for video, specialized in advertising soundtracks. It was the first production company to access digital sound.

In 1991 we used Audio Frame, the first digital workstation in Italy. A few years after, Cat Sound was among the first companies in the advertising field to use the Pro Tools and all its following upgrades until today.

At the moment Cat Sound offers:

-       two completely digital recording and mix studios;

-       a 5.1 mix studio

Cat Sound is able to technically satisfy all audio production requests. Studios can be linked both via ISDN, and via Web with Source Connect, for recording in “real time” in different locations.

One of our highlights is “coaching”, once known as “Direction”. Thanks to this know-how, by directing important testimonials from showbiz and sports world personalities (talents that are not always familiar to studio voice recording) we created many advertising soundtracks. For example, we are the authors of all of the  “Ferrero”, “Uliveto” and “Danone” audio soundtracks, using the performance of  sport champions and TV personalities.

Our knowledge in the entertainment world, especially the dubbing world and its wide voice choice, contributed in realizing some of the best, or at least the most famous soundtracks of Italian advertising.

We worked on almost all the “Barilla” campaigns, starting from the legendary “Rigatoni” directed by Fellini, to “Dove c’è Barilla c’è casa” and the “Mulino Bianco” campaigns from their start. We also gave Microsoft its voice: your potential our passion”.

Cat Sound suggested the voices of the claims that are now part of the Italian daily language. “O così o Pomì” with Peppino Rinaldi, the voice of Marlon Brando, Jack Lemmon, Paul Newman. “San Bitter c’est plus facile” one of the lastest catchphrases.

Cat Sound directed the voices for the following series: Thinsemal (the narrator voice was one of the kids of the crocodiles)

We also suggested to use the voice of famous Paolo Villaggio as the happy new born baby in the Pampers commercial, the exotic voice of: “No Alpitour? Turista fai da te?”, the spanish voice of: “Me cala la palpevra” for the Delonghi coffe-machine, the  reassuring voice of enel, the one used a few years ago for the institutional RAI spots as well as the “cruently” hilarious voice of the Gorilla in the Crodino commercial.

The cave dwellers still remind us of the fascinating voice of Pino Locchi, on screen voice for “my name is Bond, James Bond” and in tv “Kraft cose buone dal mondo”; even today, no one can say “Già fatto?”, without thinking at the little girl of “PIC Indolor”.

With Telecom we have a ten year relationshipship. Among others we’ve made the soundtracks of various “Fortino” campaigns; una telefonata allunga la vita”,  the “Train, sailing boat etc,”  and their spots.

Cat Sound also proposed the napolitan voice of the masiff Ettore, who says: “Uee Naomi Gambe Belle !” to Naomi Campbell while she gets out of the car.

Cat Sound participated in the making of other Telecom campaigns which have left their mark in the history of the Italian advertising world, such as “Gandhi”, “Marlon Brando”, “Leonardo di Caprio”, “Woody Allen”, “Mandela”